After a few years of studying Social Sciences at the University of Utrecht and at the Design Academy Eindhoven Máire started "kleine Kunstjes" in March 2012, a one-man business in Illustration and Graphic Design

In the meantime a lot has changed. She followed a lot of courses at the online service Treehouse and learned how to build websites from scratch.

Last year she launched her first products. Illustrations by her hand were printed on postcards, Tony Chocolonely and 3 T-shirts.

When you’re thinking about asking kleine Kunstjes for a logo, website or illustration, please feel free to contact me. I can always give you advice before I start designing.

Most of the time I’ll start with making a mind-map after our conversation. I’ll just write everything that comes up in my mind. Shapes and colours pop up as well and that’s where I’ll make the first sketches. I’ll check with you if I’m going into the right direction. I want to make a good design, but also a client who can truly say the design matches the expectations. After that I’ll turn the rough sketches into the logo, website or illustration and include a brand guideline or user manual when needed.

Please feel free to read a bit more about me and my experience at my LinkedIn page.

During the way of producing the actual products a lot of choices needed to be made. About the colours, size, materials, price and so on. Kleine Kunstjes wants to make people curious. Make them want to touch and smell the fibres and papers that are used in this products, but also care about the history of these products and the people who made them. Besides nature is her number one inspiration when it comes to illustrating, it seems only logical to respect nature and other people. That’s why she tries to be as fair and as green as possible.

The postcards are made of 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified papers. FSC-certified means that the paper has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Also the ink is free of chemicals and alcohol.

When you’re wearing the clothes of kleine Kunstjes you automatically wear the Fair Wear label. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent, nonprofrit organisation that ensures these clothes were made under good labour conditions, produced by adults instead of children and that they are never paid less than the legal minimum. It sounds like that’s the only way it should be, right?

The T-shirts are carefully picked from the Continental Clothing and Stanley & Stella collections and printed with biodegradable ink at the Katoenfabriek in Utrecht. All of these businesses are human and nature centered.